07 July 2015

Waiting to process

A blog I read described really well how I process things. The author attributes much of the way she processes to her being personality type INFJ (Meyer-Briggs). Being fairly similar in personality (I'm an INFP), her words resonated with me, so I'm including them here:

"I’m an INFJ (if you’re into that whole Meyers-Briggs thing) and in times of conflict or difficulty, we withdraw – big time. We go deeply inward and don’t emerge until we’ve settled whatever has been ailing us, until we have developed a nice story with a bow on the top. This is the great frustration of the ones who love me, I hear. I withdraw, I shut down, I retreat in times of conflict both external and internal." - Sarah Bessey
I haven't figured out how I can do this better, at least in a way that doesn't seem to shut out those around me. Sarah Bessey gives some wisdom about how she has learned to deal better with her relationships and this aspect of her personality, but I haven't figured out if her way is a good fit for me. For now it is enough for me to understand and recognize that this way of processing is part of who I am. That, for me, is the first step towards understanding how to allow myself to be the person I am while also wondering what should be shifted or changed in order for life to be better for myself and those around me.

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