12 November 2014

That woman you gave me

My new phone uses the same size/kind of charger as Matthijs's phone does. That means we can just borrow each other's charger if one has forgotten it at home or can't find it.

Not being able to find the charger happens more often than one might expect. It's not that our new place is huge, even if it is almost twice the size of our place in Amsterdam. There's also not that much stuff in it yet, so it's fairly easy to go searching through everything. The problem, however, is that we still don't entirely have a place for everything in the house and tasks and work times fluctuate quite a bit.

The other week Matthijs managed to lose his charger for several days. I'd noticed that he had confiscated and moved my charger, and I asked him where his was. He wasn't sure - he figured he must have left it at my work.

After several days of his still not finding it, he complained about its absence and how he couldn't figure out where in the world he could have put it. Only then, after noticing his searching for several days, did it occur to me. I had, several days earlier, cleaned off the counter and placed his charger in what is, in my head, the equivalent of the drawer we had in Amsterdam for this sort of thing. It was probably not my best moment, even though Matthijs did appreciate I had FINALLY thought about it and told him about it.

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