26 November 2013

Sometimes Matthijs makes me laugh so hard

I think one of the most wonderful gifts of being married is growing better to understand each other's humour. Sometimes Matthijs says some things that just make me laugh so hard (or for several days). Here are a few examples:

After a potluck this past summer, Matthijs said that he knew exactly what food I had brought. I took it as a compliment, a sign of our knowing each other well and his appreciation of the food I make him. Actually he'd recognized it primarily by the cat hair in it.

When looking into things that he'd need to get a visa, Matthijs saw that he needed to show his birth certificate. "Birth certificate?!? I don't have one of those. We Dutch don't do that - we have proper administration here. Don't worry, though, I was born." (I must have been looking at him odd or he'd been spending too much going through websites of regulations).  

Last Sunday morning, we celebrated the anniversary (12.5 years) of a couple in the community. We've been running out of the liturgies at church in the last few weeks, so I mentioned to Matthijs that we should probably head out a bit earlier. Yet, when Matthijs was getting ready to leave 20 minutes before church started, I told him there was no way I was going to sit so long in that cold church. If he wanted to leave before quarter to, he was welcome to go ahead and save me a spot. He responded that it was so much more gezellig (pleasant) if I went with him. I, in turn, just looked at him funny. After all, I wasn't feeling all that wonderful and had spent much of the morning being grouchy and whiney - the exact opposite of gezellig thus. He simply responded by telling me that he would enjoy my company simply because of all the good gezellig moments we´d shared in the past. A compliment like that, so gracious and undeserving of my then current state of being, does a girl good. We left shortly thereafter, and only partly because our exchange had taken almost five minutes and I was now okay with leaving :)

Perhaps this post says more about my sense of humour than Matthijs's :). Yet, it's also my attempt to express how much I really appreciate how much joy and laughter we can bring each other and how I continue to be surprised and delighted by the person I married.

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