23 October 2013

Ode to my bike

Although I have had more than enough things to write about, I haven't had enough time to sort them all out and wite about them. Hopefully I'll be able to do that soon, including sharing a few thoughts about the last 2 weeks which I spent with Matthijs in North America.

Until then, however, I direct you to a recent (fun) article I wrote for catapult magazine.

Ode to my bike

Seven years ago I bought my first real bike. It’s not that I’d never had one before; it’s just that this one was different. It was an oma bike, the 100-euro, black, banged-up version that one should ride wearing a skirt and heels. It was love at first sight. Or almost. It was love after I managed to figure out how not to fall off when I braked (back-peddling!).

To read the rest (don't worry - it's short!), I encourage you to go to catapult's own website.

Special thanks to my friend Kristin who took the picture of me biking during a visit to a nature preserve.

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