06 September 2013

Angels watching over us

Yesterday evening, fire trucks stood outside the main house of the community. Smoke and a stench was coming out of a crawlhole from the old chapel to the courtyard. The heat seemed to have melted something, but thankfully it was quickly noticed and the firemen came to check it out.

Such an annoucement seems almost too dull to make, let alone something for which we should be extra thankful. After all, is this not simply the fire brigade doing what they are good at? Something which the children of the community can be impressed by, but nothing that was really all that serious?

Except it was a hot summer. A hot summer in which many afternoons passed when very few people were in the house, and long evenings in which no one was really near the courtyard, let alone spending enough time there to recognize a smell as something other than the afterglow of someone's barbecue. So why and how is it that during all the crazy heat of this past summer that the melting only happened now when the house was full and able to notice that something was wrong? I don't know. Grace, I would answer most simply. God's angels continue to watch over us, for which we are all thankful.

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