18 July 2013

4 weeks, 4 churches, 4 languages

In the past four weeks, I have managed to go to four different churches in four different languages in four different countries.

- 23 June - the local french Catholic church in St. Cloud (Paris) with our Bed and Breakfast host,
- 30 June - the local Vrijgemaakt church (close to the Free Reformed or Canadian Reformed Churches in Canada) in Amsterdam,
- 7 July - the local Norwegian church near Gyerstad, Norway with the community while on retreat together,
- 14 July - a local german Evangelical Lutheran church in Flensborg, Germany with Matthijs on the way home from the retreat.

The only similarility between all these churches is that they were all the most local church in the areas we were on the Sundays in question. And they were all filled with ordinary people desiring to worship God, and with whom we were more than welcome to join in worshipping. I did so with thankfulness, albeit not always with a lot of awareness (Matthijs is much better with spoken languages than I am).

The irony, of course, is that even though I've managed to worship in four different languages these past four weeks, I somehow missed the most obvious language: English. But -  next Sunday (and the Sunday after that), Matthijs will cover that for me during his trip to England. Thus for Matthijs the score of churches at this moment is not simply 4-4-4 - but four going on five.... (and I get to go to my local home church - the Oudekerk :))

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