17 February 2013

Praying for Cats

The other day, the neighbour cat was missing. If I don't see him, I think he's home. And if he's not home, my neighbour assumes he's at my house. This means that it can be quite awhile before anyone realizes he's missing. It was bedtime before we started searching for him. We looked all over the house, even outside, and called for him. But no cat, so we gave up and went back to our apartments.

Although I find the neighbour cat mildly annoying at times, I've grown somewhat attached to him - and, more importantly, I know his family is rather fond of him. So it made me kind of sad to know that he was missing. Thus I did what I often do when I lose something, I prayed for it. Less than a minute later, that silly cat walked through the door, as if he'd never been missing. I brought him home, laughingly announcing that I'd prayed and he'd returned. 

Later that night, Matthijs mentioned that he wasn't so sure about praying for cats. At that moment, my own cat came and sat by Matthijs. And he stared at Matthijs. And stared and stared and stared. I couldn't help but laugh. It seemed obvious that the cat did not agree with Matthijs's feelings about praying for cats. So I reminded Matthijs that God is capable of speaking through animals, as the story of Balaam's donkey (Num 22) has shown us. However, and here Matthijs had a good point, my cat would have to learn to speak a lot more clearly before Matthijs would be willing to listen to what he had to say :)

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