09 January 2013

Happy birthday to me!

This blog is now 7 years old! When I started this adventure, it was on a whim that I'd had as I was beginning a new year and planning for a new adventure (life in the Netherlands). I hadn't expected that I'd enjoy it so much or that it'd last so long. But it has been a joy to do and I'm thankful that I started it. It has been good to have the opportunity to write informally, but also to practice expressing my experiences/thoughts in a way that is both positive and honest.

In honour of the birthday, I'm posting a word cloud of the blog.
For earlier versions of my blog in wordcloud (2006 and 2008), see my blog entry from 28 July 2008. A quick comparison shows that I still talk a lot about community, church, Amsterdam, God, the Bible, the Red Light District, and hope. But changed is the focus on the dissertation and Ezekiel, and Jeremiah has completely faded from the picture (he has since been replaced by "cat" who has been named after him). Another delightful change is that Jesus has made it into the top words.

And of great significance (and duly recorded on the blog): Matthijs has also been added to the picture!

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