04 October 2012

World Animal Day (Dierendag)

October 4 is officially "World Animal Day." I was completely unaware of this day before I moved to the Netherlands, but I've since adapted to the fact that dierendag (animal day) is celebrated far and wide. It usually involves giving your pet an extra treat, but letting it be blessed by a priest is also a possibility (I did actually see pictures of this recently on Facebook). If I'm not mistaken, the origins of the day are actually Christian, since today is the official day of remembrance for Saint Francis, who supposedly preached to the birds (and was a great lover and respecter of animals).

So, in honour of dierendag, here are a few recent pictures of Jerry.

We're still working on the distinction between my plants and Jerry's plant, as you can see.


Tom Braun said...

I can't believe you're not letting your cat get blessed by a priest!

Brenda said...

I personally have no problem having my cat be blessed by a priest. My cat, however, dislikes leaving the house (and a church full - or even the chapel full - of other animals would stress both of us out). My cat also tends not to like strange men, irrelevant of whether they're religious.