12 August 2012

House guest

Normally when we have house guests, my cat disappears. He's only just now starting not to hide and he'll actually let visitors touch/pet him. However, rarely does he sit in his usual place - in the middle of the room divider (where we've now made a place available for our "living art").

But the last few weeks, we've had a house guest and Jerry's been quite social. Fortunately, our guest has actually been that of our neighbours downstairs - several weeks is a bit long for even the best of guests. However, as our guest fits through the "cat door," he can visit whenever he can escape into the hallway (and thus frequently). Except for his nasty habit of going directly to the food dish whenever he comes in (he's on a diet so considers himself always underfed) and his shedding orange hair everywhere, he's been a great guest - and wonderful entertainment for Jerry. Hopefully, my downstairs neighbour will get a kitten soon and Jerry can always have a friend in house.

As the photos indicate they get along just like brothers :)

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