17 March 2012

A sunday afternoon walk

Last Sunday, Matthijs and I took advantage of the wonderful sunny day to go for a walk down Haarlemerstraat and then back again through the area north of that (close to the IJ river). I remembered to take my camera along, and this is what we saw:

one way of anchoring your bike down so as to make sure it doesn't get stolen!

We weren't the only ones checking out the street!

Beautiful architecture along the way

Lachen = laughter;  Marcus 4:14 is Mark 4:14 - but the text (let many prosper?) doesn't have anything to do with the text of Mark 4, which is the parable of the sower....

in the neighbourhoods closer to the IJ - the bridge looks old, but it is actually from around 1980

Noah's ark

Noah surrounded by St Peter and St John

The other side of the church shown earlier - in the background of the meisjes school

A houseboat neighbourhood

There will hopefully be many more sunny days for walks and pictures...

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