23 February 2012

My favourite mom pictures

On the day before the funeral visitation for my mom, my family and I went through all our pictures at home, searching for ones that would help people see and remember my mom as she was.

There were two that were my favourites. The first is one I'm familiar with - the wedding picture of my mom and dad, crammed into the back of an auto, incredibly happy. I saw that picture frequently enough growing up, and I felt special for having two beautiful parents who clearly loved each other deeply.

The second is one I had never seen before: one of the many pictures taken of her with the grandchildren. They are playing together, and before the beginning of their pretend meal, they stop to pray. I'm not sure how the picture got taken but it captures two things I love about my mom. She loved the grandchildren and delighted in helping them play. And secondly, she deeply hoped and prayed that her children and grandchildren would love God as much as she did.

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Cindy B. said...

Brenda, I thought you and your family did a great job with the pictures that you chose. It was good to see different sides of who your Mom was. And that one of her praying before the "meal" was one that I loved too.
I didn't know your Mom that well, but every time that I spoke to her, I loved her laugh, and could definitely tell that she was proud of you.