31 December 2011

So grandma's in heaven now, right?

"If grandma's in heaven, and heaven's a wonderful place, why is everyone so sad?" is a question that I think my nieces wonder about. It's good logic, and yet the answer is simple: because we miss her.

"So when's grandma coming back from heaven?" would be the next obvious question and is pretty much what my youngest niece asked my sister. How do you tell a 2-year-old that no matter how much grandma loved her, grandma doesn't get to leave? She isn't coming back. We don't miss her because she's been gone so long, but because we know that she's always gone. Heaven might be a wonderful place (and we take comfort in knowing that grandma/mom gets to be there), but we miss her.


Wendy said...

Well said, Brenda.
It is very difficult to explain heaven to kids.....and sometimes difficult for us adults to understand as well :)
We will keep your family in our prayers.

Brenda said...


Katharine said...

Oh, my... Does this mean??? May you and your family daily sense the Lord's loving embrace.