06 May 2011

'tis the season

Spring has come - and the weather here has been perfect, almost to a fault. It has been sunny for weeks on end, with only a couple of hours of rain here and then.

And what has spring brought with it?
- tulips: one of the train routes from Den Haag to Amsterdam goes right through the tulip fields, and for a couple of weeks I enjoyed the glorious red and yellows coming from the fields.
- visitors: if you're going to come to Holland, now is the time to come - Wednesday I toured Amsterdam with an aunt and uncle and next week a former housemate and an old prof of mine are in town.
- cat hair: Even if I brush the cat, it still feels like petting him leaves us both covered in fur. It looks like it's finally starting to get better, which is good, because seeing clumps of fur on the ground only a day after we've vaccuumed is definitely starting to annoy me.
- moving: today and tomorrow I get to help with moving - first friends and then family. And we're starting to make more definite plans for our own move to Amsterdam.
- new energy and new projects: the coming of spring has increased the appeal of biking and walking. And spring brings new energy, energy that I'm devoting to getting back to the fascinating sentence/paragraph structure in Ezekiel, including the putting together of a paper/presentation for a conference in July.

To help you enjoy the season, here's some picture of the tulip fields from previous years:

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