22 April 2010

Home Again

I thankfully got to fly home today, and I am happily situated back in my small apartment (which is still bigger than a hotel room - although not by much), doing my laundry, spending time with my anxious cat, doing stuff on the computer, and looking forward to chapel and coffee with the Community this evening.

In honour of coming home, I thought I'd share a couple of pictures from my trip that have to do with home:
Throwing snowballs - a normal winter activity back home (the other home, that is).

Bikes in Konya

Jip and Janneke (dutch children's literature) in a sidestreet in Tarsus

My temporary home for the last week:

The view of the hotel and the beach.

The view of the beach and fort in the Mediterranean that you could see from the terrace of the hotel (and also from my balcony).

The castle within a 10 minute walk from the hotel.

And the last glimpse, a brief glimpse at one of the highlights of my vacation - the caves in Cappadocia. Now that I'm home again, I remember again how amazing a vacation it was.

More pictures to follow...


T.B.H. said...

Wow, that's beautiful, Brenda! You were wearing sandals in the first pic. I'm sure you don't do that at home when it's snowed! Glad to hear you made it safely home.

Brenda said...

Thanks. And you're rght - I didn't usually have sandals in the snow back in Canada - although I did have a tendency to start wearing sandals as soon as it was April (even if it wasn't really warm enough). And since I'd left my good hiking boots in Canada (where does one hike in the Netherlands), the sandals were the next best for slippery stones and rocks.