21 December 2009

monday morning in the Kajuit

there are certain moments when i am reminded again of the delight of living in community. this morning, sitting in the Kajuit (our living room area), was one of those moments. (we had ended the chapel with "O Come, O Come Immanuel," which is one of my favourite songs - so I was bound to be in a good mood. the beautiful blue sky outside and the snow on the ground only made my mood better.)

and we sat around together, teasing each other and talking and relaxing. i got teased about missing church yesterday (and found out that i was considered always so conscientious). and i got to see pictures of the snow by the farm in Friesland (or at least we tried to look at them - hopefully they'll go on the website and then you can all see them). we made plans for Christmas dinner. and we teased the receptionist - simply because we could :) and we joked about one of the volunteers getting stuck in Utrecht yesterday and how successful and timely he'll be in his efforts to get back today.

and the atmosphere of the morning was a mixture between the comfortable feeling one has in hanging out with old friends plus the gezellig feeling of being at home (we even had the fireplace going - thanks to the efforts of the harrassed receptionist) plus the relaxed feel of 'christmas vacation.' and i felt blessed to get to be part of it.

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