24 February 2009

Oudezijds 100 website update and the coming summer program

the Oudezijds 100 website is special for me - since it was through finding the website that i made the request to come live here. i'm sure God had a hand in my coming, too (after all, what person is crazy enough to move somewhere she's never been, based on a website and a few e-mails? okay, there were a couple of reassurances from people i'd bump into who'd at least heard of the community, but still...). and as it's been under (re)construction for awhile, i've been eagerly awaiting for the results.

and after a lot of tweaking, it was finally deemed fit to share with others. and so, if you go to http://www.oudezijds100.nl, you'll notice that there's a banner above with pictures rotating through, a column on the right side of the page outlining different elements of who we are, and a number of videos and pictures. If you click on Multimedia (on the left side), and then click on Video's, you can see and hear various aspects of life here. [The last two videos are in English, from a group that came to volunteer here the last couple of summers - I managed to get myself into the second one - eating herring :~)]. Another English (sub-titled) video can be found under Kruispost, and you'll be introduced to some of our doctors who volunteer and Ruud, a homeless guy who stops in here regularly. Clicking on Engliish in the left-hand column will give you a brief overview of the community.

And last, but not least, the website gives information about the summer program here:

"Summer in Amsterdam

The contrast can hardly be greater: in the middle of the summer busyness of the Amsterdam Red Light District the community is an oasis of peacefulness. During the coming summer Oudezijds 100 is organizing several different activities, in which people can experience this oasis and take part in the community life that has been here for 50 years.

Would you like to get to know the community and the city better - from the inside out? Then the summer program at Oudezijds 100 might be a good fit for you.

From July 20 to July 25 it is possible to participate in the Guest Week. Besides living in the community and helping the community members in the work of Oudezijds 100, participants also have time to discover Amsterdam.

From August 12 to August 20 we welcome again (this year for the third time ) a group from ACCESS218 from Jacksonville, Florida. During this same period some young people from Zwolle (members of the Plantagekerk will also come to help us. The work they will do together is organised in close cooperation with Present. These days will be busy and "gezellig". Whoever wants to can join in to help, or just drop by for a cup of coffee.

During the summer Oudezijds 100 is also organising other activities open to everyone. The daily prayers will continue and on Wednesdays the evening prayer will be in English. On certain days it is possible to join the community for the evening meal. There will also be pilgrimages through the city."

Further information can be found on the website.

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