01 December 2008

doing dishes

on a good day, doing dishes in the community is a delight.

sometimes the delight is found in a sense of accomplishment - after clearing away the pile of dishes made by dinner for 35, it's obvious to see that i've actually done something.

and sometimes, after a day spent on too much thinking, it's nice to do something physical - getting my hands dirty with too much grease and scrubbing some pots and pans.

and sometimes it's a delight because it's gezellig [warm and cozy] to do chores with other people. i often end up a bit wet afterwards (although i usually end up making myself wet most of the time i do dishes). and i usually have delightful conversations and laugh. the other tonight i was laughing at the daughter of someone drying the dishes - she was cleaning up the kitchen with another girl - by rearranging the stools and wiping up the floor. and the two guys by me ended up singing Sinterklaas songs, with a strange nasal (Amsterdam?) accent (i was in stitches). and it all ended with someone else trying to convince the two little girls that Sinterklass didn't really exist - i don't think he was too successful as the girls responded by singing Sinterklaas songs :)

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